Moving Guide

What you need to know

Vehicle Registration: New Pennsylvania residents must apply for a title and registration for their vehicle within 20 days of establishing residency.

Driver’s License: Out-of-state driver’s licenses must be converted within 60 days of establishing residency

Voter Registration: You must be a registered voter in Pennsylvania to vote and as a closed primary state you must be a registered party member to vote in that particular party’s primary

Utilities: Pennsylvania residents may choose the company that supplies their telephone, natural gas and electric service. Other utilities such as water and sewer are monopolies. For a list of area utilities please check out the page entitled Local Services.

Mail: Visit to easily change your address online. Be sure to change your billing address on your credit cards, etc. soon after you move.

Insurance: Make sure you check your insurance policies to ensure that coverage carries over to the new address. If you are not sure or have an insurance related question, call any of THE CHAMBER members for help and you might even be able to lower your rate in the process.